About Us


The AFS is all about being a good person, a good citizen and a good athlete.
Previously known as Hope Football Academy, AFS started its journey in 2011 aiming to provide football services to football clubs, academies and schools. Focusing on the mental, psychological and social aspects of our kids, AFS aims to develop well-functioning youths for our society. Together with mental health, AFS also emphasises on the player’s physical wellbeing through dietary guidance in order to encapsulate a well-rounded physical development, enhanced technical ability and tactical thinking skills.
AFS strives to develop confident, happy, excited and emotionally stable players who respect themselves, their families, the society and display high level of morals towards the community all whilst acting as great role models. Working as a team, creating solutions, teamwork ethics and social confidence are all part of the focus areas of AFS. No matter where, which league or division, whether it be on a professional or amateur level, players are taught to uphold their role with respect and dedication all whilst achieving a good academic standard in their education. Organisations that are a part of AFS include AFS Management Sports , All About Sports and AFS have Casula Football School – AFS Football Schools

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