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“AFS Sports Management is a body of the AUSFS that aims to discover talented players, develop their sporting and personal lifestyles, de-termine career paths and objectives during their maturing stages, and to ensure the support is provided for them to make the right decisions in becoming ethical, world standard athletes.”

“Player scouting, player selection, in and out of field analysis are some key aspects AFS Sports Management upholds in enhancing the players sporting and personal developments.“
“Career path planning during adolescence, setting goals, marketing and image planning of players who achieve their goals are also part of the services AFS provides.”


  • Youth and senior game monitoring
  • National Youth Team player monitoring
  • Hosting and providing promo videos to club scouts from Europe, Asia and Australia enabling them to track, analyze and evaluate athletes


  • Creating an archive of AFS Sports Management players game videos
  • Continuing players personal development and training programs during off seasons
  • Analysis tutorials, comparisons, season evaluations and personal performance reports
  • The comparison of game studies amongst Australian, European and Asian clubs
  • Trialling selected U12-U13-U14-U15 players in European clubs and have detailed reports prepared for them
  • AFS Sports Management Fitness Coach / Physiotherapist / LiveCoach : Gavin Fernandez 0403 490 513


  • Evaluation of player capabilities and setting goals for Australian, Asian or European clubs
  • In accordance with these goals, identifying on and off field development strategies


  • Education (personal, sports development and 2nd language)
  • Psychological consulting
  • Legal advisory
  • Financial advisory
  • Branding and sponsorship
  • U18 Contract management for players and their families with a qualified lawyer


AFS Sport Management provides strategic planning and support for our member coaches who have coaching career aims in Australia, Asia and Europe.
AFS Sports Managements provides services to Coaches such as;
– AFS Sports Managements is free to join
– AFS Sports Managements coaches will require to have at least a coaching B licence .
– Coaches that are members will have their CV/Resumes uploaded on our website for other clubs and federations to view.
– As AFS Sport management we have strategic alliances with other federations throughout Asia and Europe where coaches can be sent for official coaching courses

Engin Durmus 
0451 116 107
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